Film as a Cross Culture - Transexuality in Film

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Hollywood is an industry constantly trying to push the envelope of sensitive subjects that may be too sensitive for people to talk about in their day-to-day lives. Whether a movie is made about drugs, sex, violence, religion, sex, alcoholism, torture, there are so many topics that filmmakers and movie producers have used in their films. In some cases these subjects are talked to about only to bring attention to this specific subject. The goal is to make the audience actually think about this subject instead of leaving in the back of their mind. Sometimes the filmmaker takes it upon himself to create a movie about this subject only to “bridge the gap”, try and let the viewer realize that maybe what is being portrayed in this film isn’t as bad as the viewer may believe. One subject, in particular, that recently has been grabbing more attention is tran-sexuality. Some films that are based around this subject are “Alexis Arquette: She’s my Brother”, a Documentary about Alexis Arquette who is the brother, now sister, to David Arquette. “20 Centimeters”, a musical about at transsexual trying to live her life and be accepted by society. More recently the film “Transamerica” starring Felicity Huffman was released in theaters in 2005. This film is about Bree, play by Felicity Huffman one week before her sex-change operation. Bree receives a call from a 17-year-old identifying himself as her son from a college liaison. Bree's psychiatrist won't approve the surgery until Bree deals with this relationship between her and her son who at the time did not know existed. Bree flies to New York City, bails the youth out of juvenile detention, and offers him a ride back to Los Angeles without disclosing that she is his father. Both her plans and his go awry, and as secrets will out, what might become a friendship, or more, founders. The lad's step-father, a sex-change

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