Case Study # 3 Michael & Amy

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Case Study # 3 Michael & Amy Michael and Amy appear at your office for crisis counseling. Michael, 22, comes from a somewhat controlling Italian family. Amy, 20, comes from a large and powerful Japanese family that settled in California five generations ago. They want to get married in the fall, but they fear the reaction of their families. After dating casually for six months, they were forced to end their relationship because of objections on both sides. But after not seeing each other for two months, they began to meet in secret and are not determined to marry. Amy has threatened to become pregnant if their decision to get married is not accepted by their families. No one in either of their families is aware of their plans, but they know they must act quickly. They have decided to seek counseling. 1) What information about Michael & Amy would be important to know? a) If there is a feeling of inferiority from their families. b) Their style of life – like their value, behavior, and cognation c) Birth Order – Amy comes from a large family and maybe reason why Michael family is controlling. 2) What information about Amy’s and Michael’s families would you gather? a) The family style of life b) Social, Cultural, and spiritual issues 3) How do you approach the process of psychotherapy/counseling a) I would do the 4 phases. First build a trusting relationship with the couple. Let them know their being herd by me. I will find the strength in the crisis they are in. I will acknowledge that they had the courage to seek out help. b) Encouragement – Let them know this is a judgment free zone. Anything that they say here will be accepted and know that I value what they have to say. c) Do an assessment about their lifestyle, to find out what makes them feel inferior. First their life of style and how it pertains to them making the decision to get married. Also Amy
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