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Umang Patel 10/27/12 Essay#4 Word Count- 705 Fielding Poe Who said hard work, intelligence and education cannot lead you to success. Fielding Poe states, “Hard work, intelligence and education are no guarantee of success” (Fielding Poe). I don’t agree with Fielding Poe on this quote because if you try hard, nobody can stop you from being successful. In order to receive opportunities you have to work towards the goal of becoming successful in school. Academic success is also an important aspect in life to achieve a good job. And in order to get a good job and do well in school, you need good potential. Showing this kind of determination in your everyday life will help you become a successful man or women. Potential success is known to be the best indicator to help you get in the state of mind of becoming successful. It not only provides more opportunities and options but also more academic potential. It also adds value when it comes to securing certain top positions. These values are given to you for working hard and achieving the status of a successful human being. Schools teach you good morals on how to do an effort, how to work hard, how to achieve things, how to become an adult, and how to work with others and get results. “The choices you make now, the people you surround yourself with, they all have the potential to affect your life, even who you are, forever” (Xplore). A best effort does give people the knowledge and experience to have more success. These are some key points on how opportunity is achieved. Secondly, when you become successful in school and step out in the real world, academic performance will help you get a job that you deserve. Academic performance is the best indicator of potential for success in life, because people who are educated and have a degree are the most likely to obtain employment. It also shows diligence and

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