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My career goals for my future are for me to be a leader in providing a positive outlook. In my career I want to be the go to person such as providing business information to different industries. My career goals for me is to either work at banks, credit unions, property managements firms and other business that allows me to share my skills and knowledge. My career goals for my future is for me to be the best that I can be, strive for the highest potentials and achievements. My career for me isn’t just a job it’s my hobby. The skills to be the best candidate are to understand what’s really going on and to grasp the importance of being an eligible employee. The skills that are needed are simply, like things we were taught growing up as kids. The ability to be able to work as a part of a team, three minds is better than one. A communication skill is great because it’s either oral or written. Creativity is also a useful skill because it keeps your job alive. Problem solving is like a puzzle, it should be fun. The ability to work in a challenging environment and to work under pressure shows that adversity can be overcome. The courses required for CIS are challenging but at the same time it grasp your attention. The courses required gets you ready for the real world and pulls your interest to the main focus which means becoming successful. You must satisfy the specific CIS major requirements that are in affect at the time you are admitted to that program. Also, work with an Academic Advising to make sure that you are on the right track of meeting all requirements. The requiring GPA for this specific major for Computer Information System is to have 3.5 and above the reason why the GPA is so high is because they want the best of the best. Your GPA shows your true potential and it also shows the employer how balance a person really is. Your GPA is a positive

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