Feminist Perspective In The Lottery

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Lai 1 John Smith Dr. K English 154 19 October 2011 Women and The Lottery Through a feminist perspective, women view themselves as strong individuals and would be appalled by a society viewing them as nothing more than a material property. In Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, women had no voice in regards to public decisions and actions. For example, in the short story the townspeople had a tradition to sacrifice one person in the hopes of reaping the best harvest. In most cases the wives would be the first chosen, many feminists would view this as an abomination. Tessie Hutchinson, one of the main characters represents women who are being tyrannized by society because of their gender. Devices such as symbolism and plot illustrate the condemned roles of women in the gender hierarchy. Also, the use of ideas such as betrayal within the strong marriage bond due to the traditional sacrifice, the senior figure of society, and the following of tradition passed down from generation demonstrate the power of females in this generation are brought up to the podium to be arguably conversed. The plot of “The Lottery” is that men had the most dominance over political decisions. This left no room for woman’s input or acknowledgment. The story is set Lai 2 on a summer day where the townspeople are in the square for a lottery in which the men of each household have to choose a piece of paper. Since the men of the household are traditionally the patriarchal figure they represent each household. All the piece of papers is blank except for one of them. This one piece of paper with a small black dot on it would determine whose family would soon be torn apart because of the towns time old tradition. Tessie’s husband, Bill Hutchinson won the annual lottery therefore one of the members of the Hutchinson family was to get stoned. Bill Hutchinson’s wife, Tessie Hutchinson, gets

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