Book Summary: The Lottery

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The Lottery Lesley Rodriguez University of the Southwest February 16, 2014 The Lottery The story describes a sunny-clear beautiful 27th of June. During this day people in the village gather in together between the bank and the post office, or best known as the square, at 10 in the morning where the traditional-famous lottery ritual begins. According to the story, in some places the lottery can take up to 2 days but since this village isn’t as populated as the other ones, it only takes up to 2 hours or less. Children arrive to the square first. They all collect stones and put them in a pile. Then men come in followed by the women and ask the kids to sit down. The Lottery is run by Mr. Summers, a guy full of energy and with a lot of time who usually conducts all the events in…show more content…
Summers tells the crowd all the rules. Every time he said a name, the family heads came up and draw a paper. Nobody was allowed to look at this paper until everyone went. Mr. Summers then finishes saying all the names. Everyone says that Mr. Hutchison got the paper and Tessie states that the lottery wasn’t fair because he didn’t have enough time to choose the paper. The whole Hutchison family comes up to the front and the all draw a slip of paper. They found that Tessie was the winner of the lottery since she had picked the paper with the black dot. All the villagers begin to grab the stones that the kids had already piled up. They get around Tessie and start throwing them at her while she screams that it is not fair. People in the village kept on doing this ritual every year because they believed that if they would scarify a person, they would get rain to have a good crop during the month of June. I believe it is shocking how people in the village agree to conduct the ritual every year even though they knew that this would end up killing one of their family members, friends, or themselves. According to the story it was clear that villagers didn’t want to give up this
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