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Name of the project: CHICKEN-JHONG SATATION Location: Brgy.6 Balingasag near the park beside Doods Eatery Description: CHICKEN-JHONG SATATION is a proposal for a master's thesis which seeks to conduct a feasibility study for a fast-food restaurant selling fried chicken parts such as wings, adidas, neck and others in the municipality of Balingasag. Chicken is a famous food in Balingasag where individuals living the area are fun of eating the said product. it is a hot spicy and plain chicken mixed with starch and variety of seasoning and usually eaten with rice. The combination of chicken, starch, and varieties of seasonings provides balanced nutrition containing protein and carbohydrate. The cost of the food is very low and is only around 20 pesos. 30-second preparing time, balanced nutrition and low cost makes the food an ideal candidate for fast food. Fried chicken parts and are both considered as snacks or "pulotan", meaning food eaten between meals. However, fried chicken parts itself and the way it is served decide that it can be eaten both as snacks and meals, which means potentially higher market demand. The proposed study seeks to decide the feasibility of opening a quick-service Chicken station with only fried chicken parts and other delicacies for chicken and rice as its menus in Chicken-Jhong Station at Brgy.6 Balingasag near the park beside Doods Eatery where at the heart of the town and people are staying to unwind. In this study, market area can be easily identified since the proposed site is near the public place and schools where students can easily drop by the area for meals. The area is very accessible and is affordable to start the business since it only cost 2,000php for the monthly rent of the place. Research Objectives The following questions will be answered after the

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