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How to Make Louisiana Gumbo Making Louisiana chicken and sausage gumbo is actually a really simple process to endure. You need to gather some ingredients from your pantry or make a short trip to the super market for the ingredients needed. You will need four chicken leg quarters, pound of your favorite Louisiana sausage (I use Richards with green onions), jar of dark roux, two yellow onions, one medium green bell pepper, two strips of celery, two cloves of garlic, one jar of chicken broth, Cajun seasoning of your choice, black pepper, hot sauce of your choice, two bay leaves, two handfuls of green onions, and seven large eggs. Also you will need rice, but the amount depends on how many you are feeding. Personally, we use 6 cups of rice…show more content…
Taking a sturdy butter knife to mix the roux and grease in the jar until it is easily stirred around within the jar. Turn the heat down on the boiling chicken broth to a low medium heat before you start to spoon in the roux. Add a heaping mixture of the roux at a time, making sure to stir the broth the whole time. Once you have ¾ of the jar added, continue to stir the broth until all the roux has dissolved into the broth. This may take about 10-15 minutes, but you want to keep stirring so the roux does not settle at the bottom and burn. If the roux burns then you would need to toss the broth and start over with fresh water and a new jar of roux and you’ll miss out on the extra chicken broth. Once the roux is completely dissolved in the pot you can start to add in the ingredients. First add in the vegetables (onion, bell pepper, garlic, and celery). Then add in the sausage, bay leaf, can chicken broth, and some of the seasonings. What you want to do here is make sure you’re not over seasoning the gumbo. Add just a little then wait to see how much seasonings will come out of the sausage before adding more. Also at this step you add in the shelled boiled eggs so the eggs can soak up the roux and

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