Father Flynn Guilty Ways

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Father Flynn’s sermon near the beginning of doubt delivers his sermon to a largely Catholic congregation. Flynn’s sermon builds upon a story of how a secret is keep in the hands of a man/women but nobody knows but God. “Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty.” The sermon sets parameters for this provocative movie. The story addresses doubt as a loss of certainty and security on a variety of levels. The main plot revolves around the suspicions held by Sister Aloysius. Sister Aloysius suspects Father Flynn, based on circumstantial evidence of abusing the only black male student at the school. Aloysius have Sister James to collect evidence and to confront Flynn. Sister Aloysius harbors no uncertainty that Flynn is guilty, and Flynn insists that he is innocent. But Sister James didn’t believe that father Flynn didn’t do anything wrong. I agree with sister Aloysius because in his sermon he actually unconsciously admit to his wrong doings. The two, Flynn and Aloysius, battle over her claims of his alleged improprieties. When Father Flynn gives a sermon about doubt one Sunday. This makes Sister A wonder about Father Flynn and even more suspicious about his actions. When she say London pull away from him, then how he acts with Donald, she becomes certain that he is having an inappropriate relationship with at least one of the male students, but actually, the doubt he talked about having in his sermon was actually about him being gay. In his mind it was a sin to be gay and he wasn't sure about where he was going in life because of it. You may say, "How do I know that he is gay?" but that is shown all through the movie. First with his fingernails, he likes to keep them long and clean, also that he stops one group of boys playing basketball to talk to them about their nails. Later on in the movie when he is talking to Sister James he opens his bible and
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