Prayers for Bobby

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PRAYERS FOR BOBBY “Before you echo ‘Amen in your home or place of worship, think and remember… a child is listening”. These are famous words uttered by a gay rights activist Mary Griffith in an emotionally charged movie that is based on a true story titled Prayers for Bobby. The screenplay for the 2009 movie was written by Katie Ford based on a 1995 novel reflecting a true life of Mary Griffiths written by Leroy Aarons. The story follows a conservative Presbyterian mother (Mary) who reaches out to the gay community for support after driving her homosexual son to suicide. Bobby Griffith comes from a staunch Christian family. Somehow a young Bobby finds himself attracted to boys and confides that he is gay to older brother who goes and tell their mother. Mary is a deeply religious woman falls apart when she hears this. She tells Bobby that he is committing a sin therefore must change his ways by praying and going to church. No matter how Bobby prays and his family supporting him all the way all comes to no avail, he becomes dejected over his experiences in the church. He eventually decides to move out of the family home, hoping that his mother will in time accept him for who he is. Mary is adamant as she pesters her son about the evil of being gay. Ultimately Bobby realizes that he’ll never live up to his mother’s expectations he throws himself to an oncoming traffic taking his own life. Devastated Mary begins a journey of liberating herself, and the society at large. A journey of true forgiveness starts by her questioning the bible and the church superiors about love and God. In time, Mary begins a dialogue with the gay community where she discovers love and support from a place where she least expected love. Such a film challenges the bible head on. The film deals about judgment, fear and guilt. It is a known fact that most Christian denominations
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