Pixar Animation: Noah Klocek

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Pixar Animation: Noah Klocek On Monday april 11, 2011 Noah klocek from Pixar Animations was here at American River College in main theater arts building room 547. The topic of the lecture was Pixar Animation. Noah Klocek lecture style was was low energetic. He slowly opened up about himself and his work and what he had to do in order to get this far.He went in to detail about many of his work and the time it takes to create a piece of art.I really liked how he went from one painting to making it come alive into a movie. I disliked how he seemed very shy also took his time to open up about his art work. He described his work some pieces in detail and some in a rush. He talked a little to much about his mother and wife then some of the at work he presented. The most interesting part of the lecture would deffinetly have to be how he kept his personal life sepearte from his professionall work. Also how he went from drawing small animations to drawing animations for hit movies like Madagascar, wall-E, Shrek ect.. seeing Noahs art work for walle and all the scetches he had done and what they turned into in the end was amazing. He told us how at points he would have to change a sign in a skecth many times till it was finialized. The least interesting part of the art lecture with Noah would have to be when he showed us some pastel painting which didn’t seem so interesting as well as his air paintings. Some work seemed as if it was very time consuming while others didn’t seem that way at all. The main part of the lecture that surprised me was his skectches for the movie wall-E, he showed us a whole profolio for Wall-E and the actual work he had done in the movie and how so many drawings took place in the movie for just a couple of seconds. visually seeing his art work come alive was amazing. It shows us students how a small art design/ illustration can take you
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