Write About the Ways Browning Tells the Story in Lines 191-269 of Fra Lippo Lippi

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Browning has used enjambment throughout the poem to help paint the picture that he's drunk and rambling on. The drunken rant is also used to reveal some of the background story about Fra Lippo Lippi himself. This tells the story to the reader because it shows what he's saying isn't planned it's just his opinions coming out naturally it shows how he has to stop and think what he's saying now and again as well as too much coming out sometimes.. By having the poem as a dramatic monologue it helps the narrator address the situation more as well as directly showing the reader his views on the religious regime. This has also been done by Browning through use of extreme punctuation e.g. exclamation marks, this displays his emotional state and anger, giving you an accurate idea of the character. Browning has used a linear structure for the poem with flashbacks to different parts of about Fra Lippo Lippi’s life. This works as a metaphor for how the church works because even though time is moving on and forward they keep looking back into the past and using old traditional practices and views; exactly what about Fra Lippo is angered about. Sexual Imagery is used by Browning in line 196 'Oh, that white smallish female with the breasts' demonstrates how Fra Lippo thinks differently to the other monks. This kind of sexual fantasy is frowned upon by monks and the church, this circumstance helps to distinguish Fra Lippo from other members of the church. Another technique Browning has used is perspective from Fra Lippo (The Narrator) in line 199 'A fine way to paint soul, by painting body' this tells the reader Fra Lippo Lippi's views on church and how he wants to paint people as opposed to using symbolism. This in turn tells the reader the story as it helps you understand why he is having the argument in the first place. Browning has used setting the setting of 15th

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