The State of the Christian Woman's Dress and Adornment

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THE STATE OF THE CRISTIAN WOMAN'S DRESS AND ADORNMENT TODAY This subject is no doubt a dicey, sensitive, and fearfully delicate one. It is so, simply because the devil has minced the Word of God with his lures and snares in such a pleasant and catchy way that everything seems acceptable and normal to Christians tod today. What do I mean by that? Following the argument on the Christian dress and adornment for some time now, I came to the realization that anytime a Christian woman who is not "properly" dressed is confronted by somebody with the fact that her appearance contradicts what she claimed to believe in. She is quick to say, "The God that I serve looks at a person's heart deep down and not his appearance". Is this the case? Let's not forget quickly that our appearance can cause a fellow man to sin, and that is sinful on our part. This is surely the handiwork of the devil. nful Also, I think this trend is on the speedy rise because not much attention is given to it in the church today for fear of indirectly driving away and losing our already handful members. Jesus didn't change to be like the world to gain audience and followers? He stuck to who He was and yet still made a marvelous impact. Why then do we want to conform to the world in our quest to make them disciples and followers of Christ? The church is built on Christ Jesus, and not on people. If the people are not ready to worship with us because we don't accept their dress and adornment, why then do we conform to theirs? It is better we don't pay attention to them, than bring them in, and at end corrupt thousands of our dear ones. I think it is better to have a church of two people, than have millions of corrupt and deceitful pretenders who go to extent of turning the Sabbath day into a funfair. It has becoming a norm - in fact, it is already a norm - today for the Christian woman to wear

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