Family Homelessness Essay

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Family Homelessness In America A testimony from The Walsh Family Ryan and Melinda Walsh applied for a Habitat home. The Walsh’s note many differences between their Habitat home and their former residence. The family now has more space and each of their daughters has their own room. Ryan and Melinda are happy that they have a permanent place to raise their children and a place to call home. Today I want to talk to you about What belief entails, the effect of belief in the world and how it has affected my life. First, what is family homelessness in America? Families who are homeless are displaced and have no permanent place to live. Their housing situation is “temporary”. It’s true that some families are displaced because of a major disaster like hurricane Katrina or a tornado or a house fire or something similar. But the majority of homeless families in America have never suffered such a catastrophic event. They are typical families suffering common hardships. We see them “temporarily” doubled-up in overcrowded apartments with relatives or friends. Others sleep in cars, or on campgrounds. And Many, live in shelters. Once in shelters, families have to quickly adjust to things like over crowdedness, and difficult, and uncomfortable circumstances. If you’ve ever volunteered at shelters before, you’d find many shelters are noisy, chaotic, and they have very little privacy. Some parents avoid shelter life, by splitting up the family and sending their children to stay with relatives, while they fend for themselves. It happens all too often. As you can see families that are experiencing homelessness are under considerable stress. But Is this a real problem in America? According to the National Center on Family Homelessness in March 2010 about 250,000, that’s a quarter of a million people in families are homeless. Right here in America. I
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