The American Dream In Tent City, USA

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Tent City, USA We live in a country that is known for freedom and opportunities. In this country, everyone has his or her own version of the American dream. Some may think that having a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, two cars in the garage, and being able to support their family is the American dream. Others may think that having a job with a six-figure salary, to be able to take vacations when they want, to be able to buy designer clothes may be the American dream. What ever we think the American dream may be we as individuals strive to achieve this dream. A statement that I read in the book stated, “95 percent of children born to poor parents will themselves be poor all their lives”. I personally do not agree with this statement. I feel that each person is responsible for his or her own success. If you want…show more content…
Some of the individuals in the story use to have jobs and own their own homes. However, due to the economic crises that faced the nation back in 2008, many found themselves out of jobs, which then in turn caused them to lose their homes finding themselves homeless with no place to go. Therefore, tent “communities” started popping up. A lot of the men and women that were found in the tent city in Sacramento were at one time middle-class citizens. They were living their American dream. One day they had jobs and homes, the next they found themselves unemployed and homeless. Although, among them were truly homeless individuals. Some of them living within tent city were those who were battling alcoholism or drug abuse. I feel that if there would have been only “truly” homeless people living in Tent City, a story would not have developed, but since some of these people were once middle-class individuals, I think this story seemed to hit closer to home. Made us all realize that it could possibly happen to any one of

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