: a Sociological Theory on Daily Hardships of Life and the Cost of Livings Relation to American Poverty

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How to Live On Mangos and Love We all know an Uncle Trash. Uncle Trash was the well thought out antagonist in Mark Richards “Strays” who is the irresponsible guardian of two young boys (Richard, 3). Uncle Trash is known for his heavy drinking , lying, stealing and most importantly gambling habits. A full grown adult with none of the maturity. We all have that friend or family member who never grows up. Gets in trouble with drugs and police, doesn’t work or go to school and if you live in a prison town like I do then you see people like this every day. For the first several years of my life I lived in the same house but in a town as poor as dirt and so small that it depended on travelers using it as a truck stop to manage. Even when I was in elementary school I remember the distinct differences between kids who had wealthy families, and those who had very little. Now that I have grown into a young adult I now realize that life is not always simple or even enjoyable. Sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason and nothing can prevent these things. I know there are others her and across the globe with struggles much harder than mine, however I can’t say I’ve had the easiest time in my life either. A good amount of my friends and I have all had to go through living out and about at some point in our lives. I was lucky enough to live in motels and sleep on other peoples couches but most of my friends either slept on the streets or camped out with tents out in the surrounding woods. Poverty of course could mean many things. Maybe you live in an ally and maybe you live in a bad part of town. You could be uneducated and unable to excel with your education, or unemployable and living off government aid. The economy obviously influences all of these things in the past decade but perhaps more focus should be put on the people themselves and the cost of living for

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