Speech Homelessness Essay

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Speech – Homelessness Before I begin, I would like to tender my thanks to all of you who have come here tonight. Have you ever heard the expression; “before you turn away, put yourself in my place?” I ask everyone to imagine you as a homeless saying these words. The true way of creating awareness is making sure that people identifies with the cause and plight of the homeless. Now let me ask you another question. What have you been doing or what will you be doing when you are about 18? You would probably be getting your driver license, travel around the world or even starting your career, but for a homeless it is different. They will continue living on the streets in cardboard boxes, on park benches or under a bridge. They will continue to busk for money putting their bodies up for prostitution or else performing in front of the public, just so they can survive the week. The figure is between 10,000 and 12,000 found homeless in Denmark. They prey on each other as well as people passing by who they manage to steal from. Since they have no family or relatives and no hope for the future, they are living each day as if it were the last, causing them to become outlaws, which as a result is a threat to the security of the community we live in. Most homeless people have become accustomed to life on the street. Some homeless people are staying in residential institutions but they do not get much sleep when they must share space with ten to twenty others. Homeless people would be more than happy away from the street. It is easy for us to think that a homeless should take himself in the neck and do something about things. However, the homeless life itself is so stressful that strength and confidence fades away. Many lose courage. Where can they go and find help? Who will bother to listen to them? Losing a home is also to lose dignity, influence
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