The Role Of Homelessness In Adam Shepard's Scratch Beginnings

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Societies homeless are more than the title bestowed upon them. Lacking not only a home but also lacking societies’ approval and also lacking in their own self esteem that they become the ones cast off by the populace. That when one looks up poverty in the dictionary they might find that poverty is defined as, the state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions. Which in Adam Shepard’s novel, Scratch Beginnings, he spends 70 days in Charleston’s homeless shelter where he meets a variety of people including your typical “homeless man” which by society is deemed to be described as unkempt and ragged. Although he also comes across men that he did not believe that they even existed in these types of…show more content…
My best educated guess as to how society may feel is that the homeless are categorized into a state of being: dirty, unkempt, ragged, alcoholics able wash themselves, unable to clean their teeth, and that they live on streets; and my opinions are perhaps validated by the comments of others. To further explain, society views homeless people as being unkempt, that their ability to keep themselves groomed and presentable has neglected them. Also we see them living on the street in which many may feel sorry or remorse towards them because many look young and we tend to ask ourselves they should be capable of finding a job. Although in contrast, society does not see or truly understand what it feels like to live a life of poverty or most importantly does not take into consideration the harmful effects it has on the homeless. Poverty attacks your own self-worth or self-esteem and your personal belief system about who you are and questions your value to society. It really boils down to they feel that nobody wants them or needs them. Having no value to society therefore allows homeless people to be put into a frame of mind in which they become more cynical; and by becoming more cynical, it makes you more of an…show more content…
If only I can give them the slightest hope that there is a chance then maybe for some that is the main ingredient to try and turn their life around. In extreme cases, we hear stories about those that decided they could not take it anymore and decided to make something of themselves and they transform their life from rags to riches. Just the thought that I, Peter Lengsfeld, could possibly be that beacon of hope that can inspire them to want to better themselves in the eyes of society; to the point where they can have a different perception of life or rectify their situation is enough for

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