How Is Christopher Columbus Selfish

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Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was a very adventurous person. He found a new world known as America, and was also the first Spaniard to set foot on America. He was a smart navigator and was an eager man. Christopher Columbus is not one to be called “the greatest of explorers”. He not only was cruel and greedy, but he was annoying and not the smartest. Christopher Columbus was a smart navigator; he learned how to read maps at age 25. Columbus also never gave up on man goals. His curiosity brought him very far in life. Anything Columbus was curious about, he would go learn more. Columbus was a man who read ancient Greek philosophy and medieval astrology. Everything that had involved with the shape of the world, Columbus studied.…show more content…
When Columbus sailed to America, a reward was offered to the first sailor to see land. Juan Rodriguez Bermejo was the first to see land on October 12th, but Columbus had claimed he saw the land the night before to claim the reward for himself. Columbus also was a cruel man when he settled in the Bahamas. He treated the “Indians”, Native Americans, horribly. Columbus enslaved the people, demanded every adult Taino to bring gold to him every three months, and forced Christianity. When the Tiano people came back empty-handed with no gold, Columbus would cut off their hands. There was not much gold at all because they were not in Asia, they were in America. Columbus believed they were in Asia searching for the land of gold, but was never in India or Japan or China. Columbus never stopped searching for gold even when they grew hungry and sick. Columbus would withhold people’s salaries and ordered people to be hanged if they stole food. Columbus was indeed a selfish, cruel man that had always been filled in riches and never cared for anything else. Christopher Columbus was known for finding America and was a smart navigator. He was a fine sailor, but was a selfish man. All he wanted was gold and to be known for it. Columbus died always thinking he traveled to India when he was always traveling to America. He was a failure and was known for being cruel. When Columbus died, no one cared for him because he proved failure instead of achievement. Columbus never achieved much, but died thinking he achieved so
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