Nero Claudius Ceasar Driusus Germanicus: Roman Emperor Of Rome

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Nero or Nero Claudius Ceasar Drusus Germanicus as his family called him was a roman emperor. Nero rained over Rome to October 13, 54 to June 9, 68. Nero was a cold blooded carless man that didn’t care about anybody but himself. Nero was adopted by Burrus and Seneca. He was a fat, weak and violent as a teen and didn’t like to be around people. At age 17 he became emperor of Rome. Over time Nero became more powerful, freeing himself of his advisers and eliminating rivals to the throne. Nero had many strengths that he did not use wisely. He was vary brutal and was vary disrespectful toward woman. It was no doubt such decision gradually lesson Neros resolve for administrative duties and caused him to withdraw more and more, devoting himself to his interest such as horse racing, singing, acting, dancing, and poetry. Nero was the only one really to be an artist, he was well at poetry and art. One of the things Nero used to help him gain strength was fear, people feared him due to him violence and anger. In July AD 64 a fire brook out in Rome. Nero blamed the Christians and there for started the huge persecution in Rome killing Christians. The year 59 began Nero had just celebrated his 25th birthday and he now felt the need to employ the powers. Nero became romantically attracted to his friends wife and it…show more content…
He literaly went isan, killing his mother to have sexual intercourse with her. He was messed up and gross. Nero as a kid was unsocial, fat, and weird. He tried to stay away from people and stayed by himself, I personally think that’s why he became that man he was. Another weakness that Nero had was his pride. If someone bashed him or put his pride down he would kill them. Also if he was in a position of his pride or his postion was in trouble he would blame other people. Like the Fire in Rome, when all of rome burned to the ground, he blamed the Christians and tried to kill all the

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