Dean Arnold Corll Personality Traits

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Candy Man Dean Arnold Corll was born on December 24, 1939 in Fort Wayne, Indiana the first child of Mary Robinson and Arnold Edwin Corll. He was brought up in a broken home, the marriage of Corll's parents was coming to an end so the couple divorced in 1946, four years after the birth of their younger son, Stanley. Mary Corll subsequently sold the family home and relocated to a trailer home in Memphis, Tennessee. At a young age, Dean was diagnosed with a heart murmur, but despite his heart condition, he was drafted to the military services in 1964, where signs of homosexuality began to take place; however a year later he was released due to hardship where he then returned home to help his mother, Mary, who had set up a candy production…show more content…
A psychopathy: a lack of interest in, or care for, the sanctity of human life (Child Molester Statistics, 2013) but, sexual psychopaths are ones that kill and rape their obsessed with sex and killing like murderers with bad fetishes there are many sexual crimes in the world 64 times in one month. Necrophiliacs and sexual psychopaths are almost the same. The variety of methods that Corll used in order to kill the many boys showed especially by him enjoyed chewing the victims’ genitals to mush. He castrated several. Even more than that, had glass rods inserted up their urethras and smashed with hammers showed that he didn’t have any remorse for hurting and killing these young boys it actually turned him on. As with other serial and mass murderers, (The Houston Horrors, 1973). Corll’s background was chaotic this emerged from him getting older, in an article he mother stated, “He began hanged, and he became quick to get angry and seemed ultra sensitive to things, particularly his age: He loathed the idea of getting old. He also started to drink, and in conversations with his mother, Mary West (their names were different because she had been married a number of times), he seemed very depressed, on the verge of suicide.”(Bardsley, 2013) There were interviews conducted after the news of the mass murder came out they had nothing but nice thing to say about him. An old girlfriend stated, “Dean was one of the kindest men I ever knew. If he had something and someone needed it, he'd give it to them. So far as I know, he didn't have any special hobby, unless it was helping other people”( Bardsley, 2013, Page 2). In another interview, “Some information started to leak out that suggested a different picture. A teenaged homosexual who called himself "Guy" claimed that Corll made a sexual pass at him in a public men's

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