Social Problems And Policy: Homelessness Analysis

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Analysis: Homelessness HUS4561 Social Problems and Policy Simona Jones-Bain November 17, 2012 St. Petersburg College Analysis: Homelessness Social Problem: Homelessness in Pinellas County Statistics. Homelessness has been a social problem worldwide for decades; however, the homelessness in Pinellas County has been an ever growing concern for city leaders. In 2011 the homeless population in Pinellas County was nearing about 8,000 (Point in time [PIT], 2011). This number includes homeless persons who were sheltered, unsheltered, from school data, and law enforcement (PIT, 2011). In 2009, the homeless population was 6,300(Pinellas County Health and Human Services [PCHHS, 2012). That is a 25% increase in just a year (PCHHS,…show more content…
There are many social problems that are associated with homelessness in Pinellas County. Financial problems such as: job loss, not making enough money and not being to afford rent/mortgage is related to the homelessness in Pinellas County (PIT, 2011). Criminal behavior is another social problem related to homelessness. According to Chamard (2010) persons who are homeless involves themselves in criminal activity for survival such as stealing, panhandling and peddling. The criminal activity stems from the homeless person basic needs not being met such as: shelter, food and clothes (Charmard, 2010). The cost associated with criminal activity for a homeless person can range from $15,000 to $20,000 a night for tax payers (National Alliance to End Homelessness [NAEH], 2012). This cost does not include other fees that can occur such as: police, court fees and public defender fees which are also funded by the tax payers (NAEH,…show more content…
My sister and her family are currently staying with me due to her being evicted out of her home. To help my sister with her homeless situation I decided to move into a four bedroom three bath home so that I can accommodate her family. This increase the cost of living expenses for me which has affected me financially. I once experienced a bout of homelessness for two months. I stayed in hotels and with family members until I was able to move into another apartment. I felt hopeless and very uncomfortable. I was still working; however, when you do not have any stable housing your job is the least of your priorities at least it was for

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