Family History Defines the Kind of Person We Become.

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Family history defines the kind of person we become. Does a family history play a major role in one’s life? Is it important where one’s ancestors came from? I believe that one will never become who he is without a great experience that he gets from previous generations. Our roots define what traditions to follow, what profession to choose, what ideas to believe. As one grows and becomes more exposed to the outside world, he realizes how important it is to be part of a certain community. Language, family traditions, beliefs are the things which distinguish one man from another and his position in the society. Sometimes one is closer to his country of origin than to the country he lives in. It often happens with immigrants and their children. Olga Pavlenko, a good example to mention here, was born in America in a Russian religious family. People say she is American because she was born and raised in the USA; nevertheless she feels herself Russian. She says that she would never become who she is right now if she had not have that great family history behind her. She is just one of many people who have birth certificates and passports from their new countries but feel themselves closer to their native lands. One should be proud of the heritage that he gets from the previous generations. It helps people to become who they are including their choice of profession. When it comes to a career option it is often a case for one to continue doing the job of his forebears. Up till now it is common to see long lines of lawyers, jewellers, and the like within one family. My mother chose to be a nurse because her mother and grandmother were also related to medicine. Now my brother is on his way to become a doctor. This tradition comes from the past when valuable skills and secrets were passed down from one generation to another. There is something mysterious about it. One
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