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How cultural perspectives influence the socialisation and lifestyle of individuals Emma Beddington was born and raised in England under strong British influences. Emma met and married a Frenchman, with whom she had two sons with. They have since lived in London and Paris and now reside in Brussels. Emma declares to have found her love of the French language at just 14 and was a self-confessed Francophile. In her teens, Emma admits to reading French novels, following the French style and even seeking out a French boyfriend. Her passion for the language and life style means that her future now consists of an assortment of English and French morals and values. However, as a mother of two sons, she feels responsible for the children’s declining…show more content…
The numerous job opportunities taken by Brendan has gained him much experience which will also aid him in any future travels and even pursuing challenging, higher paid jobs. This alone has opened doors for him. Although Brendan doesn’t have a conventional home, he quotes, “wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home”. Therefore his stability is not necessarily through a family home but through the comforts of exploring different countries. Above all, his morals have been sculptured by the people he has met and the places he has been. Brendan preaches that there is so much more to appreciate upon visiting different countries and indulging in each countries individual culture and every day life. His appreciation of communication is how he has gained his appreciation by learning each countries native language. He has built his own website and fast learning language program which supports himself and gains worldwide acknowledgment of his achievements and findings. Overall, the two families have travelled which is what has shaped them into who they are today. It has shaped their morals, beliefs and values. Although Brendan had complete college and university, this socialization process proved to have not gained him half as much as what he has gained by exploring the world. Emma’s family has grown in a French speaking environment and her two sons are influenced by school and the countries they have resided in rather than their
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