Two Way to Belong in America

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Kristine Paulus Two ways to belong in America Would you rather embrace America or hold on to your roots from your native land? Many immigrants come to America to enhance their life, such as education and independence which they don’t have in their native land. They forfeit their homelands and migrate to America, the land of the free. Being an immigrant who has lived here for 11 years in the US, I am finally in the process of obtaining my citizenship, and it’s a great feeling. Bharati, the speaker in the story has her citizenship and her sister Mira, only has her green card. The author Bharati and Mira are two sisters from Calcutta, India. Mukherjee’s story “Two ways to belong in America” compares and contrast paradigms on Mira and Bharati who were raised in the same house but developed different views on immigration. Bharati’s is the one who easily adapts to the American culture and becomes Americanize. She feels the need of being part of a community. On the other hand Mira has pride for her culture and don’t want to give up her Indian citizenship. Even though Bharati and Mira has different opinions when it comes to immigration, they both have the same sense of betrayal from the immigration policies. The laws mistreated them, and each sister symbolizes the two type of people in America. There are some people who only come here to succeed but not belong in the American family because they still have love for their country. Then there are some who desire more benefits through citizenships, and want to unite with the American body. Bharati and Mira stands people like me, immigrants! Mukherjee explicates the differences she has with Mira on immigration in the United States. Her perspective is that every immigrant should pursue their “oath of citizenship just like her “go all the way” on the other hand Mira “ is here to maintain an
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