Family Adoption Essay

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Assess and evaluate trans-racial adoption and same race placement policies and practice and examine and analyze the care of black elderly in Britain and evaluate the social services policies in relation to the care of black elderly Adoption is the process of a person (or people) assuming parenting rights of a child from the biological parents. Trans-racial or trans-cultural adoption on the other hand means adopting a child who is of a race or an ethnic group other than those of adoptive parents. Most of the time this term is about placing children of color or children from another country with white parents. The following essay explores trans-racial adoption in a greater detail as well as explores the care of black elderly in Great Britain while also commenting on the social services policies in relation to the care of black elderly. People may choose to use trans-racial or trans-cultural adoption for various reasons. For instance, during the Middle Ages, the Muslim Turks would frequently adopt the Christian children (who lost their parents due to war) for the purpose of raising them as elite warriors (Yeniçeri or Janissary), not bound by family values, traditions and obligations(Rushton, 2005). At present, one of the main reasons why people rely on trans-racial adoption is because Caucasian children are very rare in comparison to the children of color. Also some parents might feel some unique connection to a particular race or culture because of their ancestry or personal experience such as travel. Others may simply want to help children “from other nations to actually become someone in the world”. Adoption experts believe that while trans-racial adoption is a good thing, it is better that at least one of the new parents be of the same race or culture as the child so that the child can develop his or her identity properly and so that she/he does not
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