The Importance of Sleep for College Student

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Adoption Rights Equality for Same-Sex Couples Abstract A child being adopted by same-sex couples is one of the biggest controversies in our world today. Same-sex couples should have the right to freely adopt because they too can provide a loving and safe environment for children. Why do minorities of people think gay couples should have the right to adopt? Adopting a child is not a right it is a privilege. Same sex couples form relationships that are more stable than many regular couple. One of the disadvantage children of same-sex couples may face is the traditional Christian value. If same-sex couples are capable of providing this love to a child, there is no greater reason that should not allow same-sex couples to adopt children. This paper discuss about how we should legalize adoption right for same-sex couples. Adoption Rights Equality for Same-Sex Couples In this day and age, gay rights are slowly but surely gaining acceptance in today’s society. Granted that there have been improvements in how people view gay rights, there still remains quite the distance before reaching its ultimate goal of equality. One of the many controversial topics in relation to this subject which will also be the main focus of discussion is adoption for same-sex couples. There is no doubt that there are many out there who continue to question whether or not same-sex parenthood is deemed appropriate in today’s society. Their own reasons of disapproval vary from being religion-based to claiming that all children should be raised by a male and female figure. Thomas Jefferson quoted in the Declaration of Independence, “All men are created equal” (Jefferson par 1). When applying those few words to this discussion, they open up a excess of meaning behind equality for all men as well as the realization that world we currently live in has not completely fulfilled this

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