Growth of Family

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Using the material from item 2B and elsewhere assess the view that the growth of family diversity has led to the decline of the traditional nuclear family in the past, traditionally families have mostly been the ‘traditional nuclear family’ made up of a married man and woman and children. However there has recently been a decline in the amount of traditional nuclear families, and an increase in diverse family types. There are now less people following the traditional view that the nuclear family is the ‘normal’ way to live. The diverse families now include families such as, lone parent families, reconstituted family, extended family, lone person households, cohabiting couples and same sex couples. New right believe that the incline in family diversity and a decline in the nuclear family is a cause of many social problems. They believe that the increase in family diversity is the reason for economic problems. New right believe that the nuclear family or ‘cereal packet’ family as the most suitable family type. New right believe that the nuclear family is the most suitable family type because, firstly because it allows proper socialisation of children. Secondly they believe it is most important type of family as it stops deviance in children and also reduces crime caused by children. They also believe that there are some economic gains to being in a nuclear family which is that it reduces the dependency ratio of the country as both parents are capable of supporting their family, rather than depending on the government of financial support. And finally their view on divorce is that it creates an underclass of welfare- dependant female lone parent’s lone parent and leaves boys without the adult male role model they need However, postmodern sociologists support the view that family has become diverse in modern UK. They see that people have become fragmented and
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