Fairhope, Alabama Is The Best Town In The World

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Step 1: WRITE A TOPIC SENTENCE. Write a short, simple, declarative sentence without detail. For example, Topic sentence -- "Fairhope, Alabama is the best town in the world." Put your topic sentence at the top of your paper. Step 2: WRITE 3 SUB-TOPIC SENTENCES ABOUT THE TOPIC SENTENCE. Write three sentences about the idea of the topic sentence. Make your three sentences short, simple, declarative sentences without detail. Take the topic sentence and ask "why" (for example, "Why is Fairhope, Alabama the best town in the world?") The answers to your "why" question should form the basis for your three sub-topic sentences. For example, Sub-topic sentence 1 -- "Fairhope has exciting places to go." Sub-topic sentence 2 -- "Fairhope is full of…show more content…
The conclusion is one sentence which combines your topic sentence with your three sub-topic sentences (this time, put the three sub-topic sentences in reverse order). This one sentence will be the last paragraph of your essay. (Yes, you have my permission to have another paragraph with just one sentence.) For example, Conclusion -- "Fairhope, Alabama is the best town in the world because it is on the bay, it is full of friendly people, and it has exciting places to go." You may now remove your topic sentence. It has served its purpose. Write your introduction and your conclusion on the back page of your rough draft, underneath your third paragraph. (You will put the introduction and the conclusion in their proper places when we get to step 8.) Step 7: REFERENCE YOUR PARAGRAPHS AND YOUR SENTENCES. Make sure that each paragraph has a clear reference to its preceding paragraph. There are a couple of ways to do this. A) You can use number words in your sub-topic

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