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Using APA Style with Style Using APA Style with Style Because APA style can be confusing, I have constructed this short paper to model and explain some of the basics of APA style. You can see from the title page and running header how those are supposed to look – note that the running header is different on the first page than the subsequent pages – so the rest of this essay will focus on how to use in-text citations in your paper. There are several ways to cite quotations in an APA-style paper. The first is simply to include your in-text citation, which is the author’s name, year of publication, and page number, at the end of the quote, as in this example: “The first day of class was nerve-racking because I knew I’d be expected to perform” (Sedaris, 2007, p. 379). Notice that the quote is first introduced, then given, and then explained. Notice also that the period at the end of the sentence doesn’t appear until after the citation. Another way to use an in-text citation is to put the citation before the quote. For instance, if I want to talk about something that Sedaris (2007) says in his article, I’d say the author’s name and the date of publication and then use a quote such as, “Two Polish Annas raised their hands, and the teacher instructed them to present themselves by stating their names, nationalities, occupations, and a brief list of things they liked and disliked in this world” (p. 379). Notice again how I first introduce the quote, give the quote, and then explain the quote. You should never begin or end a paragraph with a quote from a source. Notice also that because I stated the author’s name and publication year first, I only need to state the page number at the end of the quote. Another type of quote which you can use in your essay is what we call a “block quote.” These are most useful for longer papers – 4

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