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ICommunication 112 Service Organization Informative 1 Presentation Assignment Subject This assignment requires you to present a 4-5 minute researched extemporaneous informative presentation on a service organization. The presentation will count 50 points and the preparation outline is worth 50 points. Purpose The purpose of this is to familiarize you with the process required for the preparation of a researched informative presentation. Do not use persuasive tactics; use only the facts. You will have to narrow the topic to accommodate the time limit and must be sure to adapt the presentation to your audience’s needs. AUDIENCE Your audience for this presentation will be your classmates and your professor. REQUIREMENTS The following are the specific requirement that you must complete: Develop library, Internet, and primary research skills. Write a preparation outline that follows the format of the sample outline. Develop the outline body with supporting materials that demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the thesis and the outline. Develop an effective introduction that has an attention-getter, orienting material, thesis, and preview of main points. Develop a conclusion that includes a review and closing statement. Develop effective transition sentences. Incorporate into the presentation at least three source citations (verbal support). Write a correct works cited page using MLA format (minimum of three sources). Wikipedia is NOT considered a valid source; therefore you cannot use it as one of your sources. Demonstrate good oral and written grammar (mechanics and style). Demonstrate appropriate verbal and non-verbal delivery. NO GUM!!! ADDITIONAL GUIDELINES Detailed Outline The detailed outline must be typed, stapled, follow the required format, and must be submitted to me as scheduled. You cannot

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