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12th IB English Style Oral-commentary notes (SON) Reading requirement: Running in the family up to page 101 Assignment description Please read up to page 101 of Running in the Family. In addition to your own notes, you’re required to analyze a mentor text, answering specific questions, and ultimately write THREE awesome style commentaries on pre-chosen extracts. Directions First, analyze and annotate our mentor text ANSWERING THE BELOW QUESTIONS ON A SEPARATE PIECE OF PAPER. PLEASE spend a significant amount of time thoughtfully noticing the thinking (reading work) and style/craft moves in the mentor text. This is your greatest resource this unit. 1) What is the dominant effect, and how and when is the dominant effect presented? (please consider the commentary in its entirety) 2) How is the commentary structured as to avoid the robotic nature of the line-by-line analysis? 3) How do we seamlessly situate and contextualize the passage? 4) How would you describe the structure of the commentary, for example, how is it broken up into paragraphs and how do the paragraphs build on each other? 5) How do we use quotes and for what purpose(s)? 6) What direct sentence stems can you pull and why? 7) How do we analyze style? What’s analyzed? And how do we analyze with and without literary terms? 8) Overall, what do you want to make sure to take away from this model? 9) What questions do you have? Second, given your understanding of style commentary and relying heavily on the mentor text analysis, write a style commentary on EACH of the below extracts (THREE TOTAL). Each commentary should be typed and between 2-4 pages double-spaced. Chosen extracts: 1) page 21-23 2) page 58-59 (ending with “Maureen”) 3) page 78 Other extracts that we will mostly likely focus on in class, but you are not required to write a formal style commentary, though you

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