What Does My Three-Letter Summary Code Mean?

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[pic] Interpretive Report by Robert C. Reardon, PhD, and PAR Staff General Information |Name: |Thomas Narcotta | |Client ID: |armymass@yahoo.com | |Reference Group: |Adult | |Test Date: |02/01/2012 | |Age: |32 | |Gender: |Male…show more content…
Completing the SDS helped you describe what you like--your favorite activities and interests. The three RIASEC types with the highest SDS Summary Scores are your three-letter Holland summary code. Your summary code is a brief way of saying what you like--your combination of interests. Your interests are mostly a combination of R, E, and S. The first letter of your code shows the type you most closely resemble; the second letter shows the type you next most closely resemble, and so on. The types not in your three-letter code are the types you least closely resemble. Your summary scores on the SDS were R = 32, I = 15, A = 14, S = 23, E = 26, C = 20. You might think of your interests as a RIASEC pie, with the size of the six slices being equal to the size of your scores on the SDS. The larger the slice, the greater your interest in that area. Score differences of less than 8 points can be considered as similar. Sometimes summary codes have tied scores, which means they are about equally interesting to

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