The Catcher In The Rye: Literary Road Map

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The Catcher in the Rye—Literary Road Map Chapters 1-3 Word Mastery |hemorrhage (n.) massive, heavy bleeding |foils (n.) swords | |grippe (n.) flu |gore (n.) blood | |sadist (n.) torturer |innumerable (adj.) countless | |falsetto (adj., n.) high voice |exhibitionist (n.) show-off | |qualms (n.) misgivings…show more content…
The Mixed Tape: Make a ten song mixed tape or CD for Holden Caulfield, if he were around today. In letter to Holden, explain why you are including each of the ten songs on the mixed tape. Each song should have a paragraph of in-depth description as to why you think he would like it, using evidence you used from the themes, symbols, motifs, and situations that Holden and the novel explored. Requirements: 10 songs (artist/song title) on tape or CD, at least a paragraph explanation for each, use of lyrics to explain rationale, cover for mixed tape. 2. Holden and Gene: Compare The Catcher in the Rye with another novel that describes the loss of innocence and the attainment of maturity - John Knowles' A Separate Peace. Compare and contrast the characters of Gene and Holden. Explain which book presents the most convincing picture of growing up. Requirements: Title page, 3 pages, typed, good mechanics. 3. Holden and Depression: Research depression in teenagers, including information about its symptoms and treatment. After doing so, look at Holden. Which symptoms does he exhibit? Use evidence from the story to create a "diagnosis" of Holden. Requirements: Title page, 3 pages, typed, proper documentation, good

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