Extinction of Panda

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The Extinction Of Panda Introduction Nowadays, numerous innocent animals have been shots, starved, tortured, clubbed and slaughtered by humans, thus creating the endangerment of certain species. When half of the earth covered with trees, animals were able to enjoy life, the animal could scout around miles and miles without ever meeting humans and could run around carefree without fear of mankind. Now, only one fifth of the world is covered with trees due to the actions of human beings. Wild animals have little room to live where they will not be disturbed by humans and many other animals are also being mistreated, causing their species to go extinct despite the numerous Endangered Species Acts. It have impact the population species of animals have decreasing around the world. For an example of these animal species that are at risk of extinction include the Panda. Panda is a large mammal which is about the same size as black bear. Giant Panda Bears have a massive head, heavy body, short tails, rounded ears and plantigrade feet. Plantigrade feet means both heel and toe make contact with the ground when walking in the manner similar to humans. Adult Pandas grow to be about 5-6 feet high. They will weigh up to 276 pounds and males weighing 10% to 20% more than females. Giant Pandas, with their short claws, are capable of climbing trees very easily and effortless. With few other enemies other than people, the lifespan of a wild panda is about 25 years or above The head of a Panda is very large and has developed special molars for chewing plants and other thinks they like to eat. It has powerful muscles which extend from the top of its head to the jaws giving it the ability to crush very tough stalks. The basic fur color of the giant panda is white with black eye patches, ears, legs, feet, chest, and shoulders. Within its natural environment, pandas live in

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