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| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Home Page | | Language Arts | | Mathematics | | Special Projects | | Cool Links | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Land Iguanas by Neil Land Iguanas are really cool animals. There are three species of Land Iguanas: Conolophus, Subcristatus, and Conolophus Pallidus. Land Iguanas are yellow and orange underneath and red and brown on top. They are mostly found in deserts or the Galopagos Islands, under cactuses. Their habitat is really dry. Land Iguanas get to be about 1 meter long. They weigh at least 13 kilograms. Land Iguanas are diurnal because they dig burrows and sleep in them at night.The Land Iguana is a vegetarian! Its favorite…show more content…
It is a big lizard because it grows to a length of 18 to 24 inches. Gila monsters are in the Heloderma species. They live in Nevada, Arizona, California, Utah, Texas and New Mexico. They run from 4 meters a minute to 15 meters a minute. They are also diurnal. Gila monsters lay 2 to 13 eggs and they mate in the spring but don’t lay them until summer. The mother doesn’t stay home with her babies.The gila monster’s prey is small birds and animals, mice, insects and eggs. Gila monsters are the only poisonous lizard in America. If you annoy gila monsters they grab you and not do let go. The gila monster hunts down its food by injecting poison into it. The gila monster’s life span is about 20 years. The gila monster is endangered. Gila monsters don’t have any predators because their poison scares them away. When gila monsters are scared they burrow underground or intimidate whatever they are afraid of. | |…show more content…
Here’s what I’ve learned. Peacock day geckos eat insects, nectar, and fruits. Peacock day geckos are one of the most beautiful day geckos.They live in the tropical forests of Madagascar. My lizard can grow to be about four and a half inches long. They are also brightly colored and have skin that can be damaged easily in the rainy season. Geckos can change the color of their skin. The peacock day gecko is a diurnal lizard. Tiny hooks on the bottoms of geckos feet let them run up walls. Active lizards such as peacock day geckos use their sight and speed to not get caught by their predators.They can hide under stones or in the ground when they are not active.The predators of the peacock day gecko are large birds like owls, snakes and other large animals. Peacock day geckos can lay two to three eggs at a time. They lay their eggs in sheltered areas, such an an area of moss or under any other sheltered plant.Peacock day geckos feed thier babies daily.They spend their days leaping around looking for insects, lapping up necter and juices, getting pollen and overripe fruits. The peacock day gecko is not an endangered species. The smallest lizards are geckos. The peacock day gecko is part of the family of day geckos. I loved learning about the peacock day gecko.The peacock day gecko is a cool lizard! | | |

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