The Saki Monkeys

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Monkey Name the animal. List the seven taxonomic groups this animal is calasssified into? Kingdom Mammals Species Phylum class Describe the features of this animal? There are many different species of monkey in the world with many unique traits. Nails instead of claws, grasping hands and feet, reduced snout size compared to most other mammals, forward facing eyes, many have stereoscopic color vision, new world monkeys have a prehensile tail meaning they can use it to grasp things like tree branches while climbing, and increased brain size compared to other mammals to name a few traits. Describe the environment this animal comes from? Monkey habitat is identified across Asia, Africa and Central and South America. The…show more content…
The Saki monkeys, that inhabit the mountainous terrains of South America, have coarse fur, an adaptation that enables the mammal to remain dry during the rain spells in the region. The Amazon rainforest is a perfect monkey habitat. Due to its wet and very hot climatic, the Woolly monkeys that inhabit the region and that along the Amazon basin and mountain ranges of Peru, live high up in the tree canopies. The Asian and African Old World monkeys enjoy more varied habitats. Occasionally, these species reside in cooler climates, monkeys found in China and Japan, are prime examples but not common. Explain how two features of the animal help it survive in the environment it lives in? The highly developed brains of monkeys allows them to make mental maps of food locations such as fruit trees and knowing when the fruits will be ripe and therefore ready for food. They also are able to grip food with their hands like humans. Some monkeys also have special tails that serve as a fifth limb when gripping food. Monkeys' bodies are adapted for their tree-climbing lifestyle. They have forward-looking eyes that enable them see distances below from great heights. They also have hands and feet that allow them to grip on trees as well as opposite-matching fingers and toes that allow them to wrap their hands or feet around objects…show more content…
Identify two ways that Humans may effect the environment may live in? Humans are the biggest threat to the species. Encroachment along forest fringes, indiscriminate logging and hunting the mammals for meat are taking a toll on monkey habitat and extant numbers. Evaluate how well your chosen animal is being cared for by humans. Do you think we are caring for this animal as God would have us care for them? I think there are people who take great care in looking after Monkey’s, the people who work in the Zoo’s and the people who are trying to protect the Monkey’s in the forest. But there are always people who try and take advantage of these creatures for there own gain, and mostly that is for money. So probally on a hole I think that God would like us to take more care with the Monkeys. Bibliograhy

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