Explain What Have Been Some Of The Major Improvements And Changes In The Digital Classroom

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1. Online education has evolved over the last ten years as much as the cell phone. Given this, what have been some of the major improvements and changes in the digital classroom? The most major improvement in the online classroom would be the course software that the schools use. Ashford University changed its software in 2009 to eCollege software. (Bowles, 2010) Because of the growing popularity of online schools I imagine that there are some close competitive companies that are trying to design their software to be the best. This will not only benefit the school and the instructors, but will benefit me as a student. I will be able to receive the best quality education. The most major of changes in the digital classroom would have to be the availability of…show more content…
Although such netiquette as not posting pornographic material and not using offensive language are quite obvious, there are some rules that are not. We have to remember that the other person cannot see our face or body movements. Since we will be expressing our ideas with words, we must be careful that our intent is communicated (Bowles ,2010) Others cannot see if our comment is made with a smirk or a smug look on our faces. We may be labeled as a cyber-bully and not even have those intentions. I have actually done this before where I was commenting on a friends Facebook post and said something as a joke and I logged of. The next day I found out that this person thought I was serious and was upset about my comment all night long. When they found out that I was kidding we all had a big laugh but this just goes to show how people can misread and misconstrue a comment. So although someone may not purposely intend to bully someone, sometimes it can be taken as such. We need to be cautious and read what we are posting to make sure that it will not be taken out of

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