South Park - a Satirical Show

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South Park is a satirical show that encompasses various parts of US culture. The auteurs of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, aren’t afraid to take on all issues. In fact, the more controversial the issue, the more likely you’ll see a South Park episode relating to that issue. Almost every pop culture icon has been parodied in some way by South Park, and since season six, just about every episode has been a parody or a satire of an issue in current events or something that is relevant to the American public. During its early years, South Park dealt with family and societal issues, usually focusing on the absurd. The four main characters; Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman were the main backdrop during the early seasons, as the four boys usually were entangled in a plot that would center around a controversial issues in religion, politics and abnormal family structures. During these episodes, the focus was more on the depth of the actual characters of the show. After season six, the show took a bit of a different direction, although keeping its satirical nature. The show generally focused on more topical matter, and has been making fun of people and situations in the news and pop culture ever since. In many episodes, especially in many of the early episodes, a life lesson is ultimately learned after some hardship occurs. The show fills an important role in society by showing humor in just about every situation. South Park is almost always the first show to make fun of a situation that most people may think couldn’t or shouldn’t be joked about. In a recent episode, for example, the Penn State sex abuse tragedy was joked about, with a counselor character making jokes while saying “too soon?” shortly afterword. Parker and Stone always seem to be the first to tackle issues that haven’t yet been joked about. Although some people feel the show goes too far
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