Influence of Entertainment Media

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Influence of Entertainment Media Entertainment media is such a big part of our lives today, it truly is what shaped our American culture and values. The amount of influence we allow it to have on our lives depend on the availability we provide it to have on our lives. Radio was one of the first influential forms of entertainment, it gave people a platform to speak their mind in regards to their values on topics such as; religion, violence, and sexuality. The biggest form of entertainment media is right in everyone's home- T.V. With all the various T.V stations and programs we have it teaches people about society rules and how to fit in. There are many shows that give advice on dressing, for example the show What Not To Wear, and various dating shows. There are even shows that have videos of people doing outrageous things for pure entertainment and laughing, in which other people mimic because they believe it helps them fit in. An example of how media influences us "Following the 9/11 terrorism, media coverage followed accusations by government authorities that pointed toward al Qaeda as the group that carried out the attack on the United States and Osama bin Laden as leader of that group. Those news reports on the attack and the aftermath shaped public opinion to support the war on terrorism." (Mass Media Influence On Society, 2012) Social influences of entertainment media are both positive and negative. The internet is one of those outlets. While it allows people to connect with anyone instantly, it also opens people up for bullying. We have also used gaming as a great way to connect with people that have the same interest, however the downsides can be addiction. Any way it is looked at, there are always positives and negatives to anything in life. The real question may be, does the positive out weight the negative when it comes to the influences of

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