South Park's Effectiveness on Mocking Important Issues

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Amber Anardi Poe ENG 151019 2/14/12 South Park’s Effectiveness on Mocking Important Issues Society has taught us to avoid making a mockery of important issues, but what if a television series with a million count fan base, gets sky rocketing ratings by using impertinent humor on worldly concerns? The fact of the matter is that using disrespectful humor to present issues common to our generation gets the best ratings by the public. South Park is a leading example of effectively using profane humor to entertain and get a point across to its audience. Given the media hype of today’s age, many of our youth’s presumptions on important issues are influenced by what they see on TV; the show South Park showcases multiple outlooks on each issue therefore giving the viewer the opportunity to formulate their own opinion on the matter. South Park effectively enlightens viewers on concerns that are relevant to daily life, while keeping their attention through bold humor on the issue presented in the episode. Our generation gains most of our opinions on worldly issues through word of mouth or through the media. In the South Park episodes “Cartoon Wars” and “Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy” issues such as terrorism and pedophilia are the main subject matter. Day in and day out our youth hears of terrorism and its effect on society, only a handful of teens watch the news regularly and gain insight on the issue. In the South Park episode “Cartoon Wars”, the citizens of South Park are anticipating a Muslim terrorist attack because the show Family Guy used the Muslim prophet Muhammad as a character. While the boys are entertained by the featuring of the Muhammad character, Cartman becomes sensitive towards peoples religious beliefs and is determined to put a stop to Family Guy’s wrongdoings. While Cartman is sensitive towards people’s religious beliefs, Kyle’s sensitivity lies in

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