The Boondocks And Irony In The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

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As I sit in front of my TV watching one of my favorite shows go off, I try to put myself in any of the characters shoes. What would I do in that situation? Would I have acted like that? Would I have said that? No matter the topic; history, sports, politics, media, sexuality, etc., The Boondocks will be very truthful and blunt about it. I’ve been watching The Boondocks since it started in 2005 and this show defines me because of its comedic way of telling the truth about society. With my views about the media I really don’t like to believe “the hype” or any of the publicity stunts that go on too often. Sometimes I think the government is full of conspiracies and I find it easy to point out irony, and hypocrisy like Huey. He even took a stand against B.E.T. and went on a hunger strike to advance his opinion that B.E.T. promotes the destruction of black people in the episode “The Hunger Strike”. I don’t completely think that B.E.T. is out to “get” people but, the channel can be stereotypical at times. The episode “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”, where Uncle Ruckus has his own reality show and receives a devastating DNA test, is a good sarcastic way to explain my feelings about reality TV. Millions tune in every week to watch people’s lives get made or broken and a lot of reality lacks the real part. I sometimes feel ashamed of…show more content…
Well I agree with the approach that The Boondocks took on this situation. In the episode “It's a Black President, Huey Freeman”, the Obama craze was in full effect and everybody was representing him for the wrong reasons and they couldn’t give many logical reasons why they were supporting him. There was even a self-explanatory music video called, “Dick Riding Obama”. The episode showed, as time passed, that most of the extreme hype around the election had died down. (It's a Black President, Huey

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