Media vs. Hip Hop

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The Media vs. Hip-Hop: Presenting Misconceptions As a college student in modern society, I am constantly a victim (and a willing victim at that) to the ever-increasing outreach of the media. Whether its through television, movies, the Internet or my iPhone’s unlimited capacity to obtain information, we are powerless when it comes to the effect that the media has on our lives. It is because of this, I believe that, through analyzing specific media samples yields important information about our modern society. This project explores whether television shows and sketch comedy, the identity of the hip-hop culture and rap artists alike, are exploited through means of stereotyping, social status, and their affiliation with drugs and gang violence. By looking at specific sources, such as sketches from Saturday Night Live, The Chappelle Show, The Boondocks, and excerpts from the cultural hit South Park, this will likely show the negative connotations associated with hip-hop and rap artists from a television standpoint. In today’s society, social media now plays a larger role more than ever. It is the age of technology and Web 2.0, where everyone from age 6 and up knows how to, and can get access to, almost anything they desire via social media. In this growing market exist thousands upon thousands of websites, the television shows mentioned above, and movies that the youth of America, and the rest of the world, have access to at anytime. Specifically, such shows like South Park, The Chappelle Show, Saturday Night Live, and The Boondocks are extremely common in the lives of these young adolescents. Although these shows are/were intended for mature audiences and strive for outrageous humor, they can be harmful to those who view them at a young age. These shows attack “people of every race, class, gender, religion, profession, and credo with their parodies, albeit usually
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