Privacy and Security Settings on Facebook

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PRIVACY AND SECURITY SETTINGS ON FACEBOOK The ease with which Facebook is used makes it No.1 in the field of social networking. People are crazily connecting with anybody and everybody through this network and doing anything and everything through this networking site. Even so, the imperfectness of the privacy and security settings of facebook are one of the major issue that facebook’s users are concerned. Whatever safety measures you take to protect your profile, there will always be some hackers and stalkers looking to enter your profile and do unwanted things. Your personal photographs and videos that you upload can be easily stolen by them.People who rely heavily on Facebook’s privacy settings may fail to appreciate its limits. In one famous incident, Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg released a photo to friends on Facebook. Though not a Facebook friend of the Zuckerbergs, one of the people tagged in the photo posted it to another website without asking for permission. Facebook privacy settings can leave you overly reliant on its privacy settings and encourage you to forget to exercise good judgment. Another disadvantage of Facebook’s privacy settings is that every time an update of the website is implemented, the individual security protocols that a user have in place revert back to the original default setting. With all of these updates being put into place, many users who do take the time to originally change their privacy settings are unaware that they have been changed, leaving them in the same position as a user who has never changed their settings to being with. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible by the Facebook Corporation, because if it continues, more and more people will be at risk of having their personal information

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