Explain The Key Components Of A Healthy And Safe Home Based Environment

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Assessment Criteria The learner can: |1. Explain the key components of a healthy and safe home based environment | | | |Please discuss the following | |•Hygiene and waste disposal • Storage and preparation of food • Care of animals lethargic • Using equipment according to manufacturer’s guidance • Appropriate | |responses to illnesses, allergies, incidents and accidents…show more content…
| |Storage and preparation of food | |When storage and preparation of food it is the child-minder responsibility to ensure the healthy and safe of the children and business. Storage are essential | |to prevent food borne illness and for providing healthy food for the children. The child-minder should have a guide identifies licensing requirement of food | |handling to help prevent food from spreading illness to the child-minder , children and staff in their care. It is ideally to store raw and ready to eat food | |separately. If they are in the fridge at the same time should store raw meat, fish or egg below fridge from ready to eat food, salads, sandwiches or desserts. | |Also unwashed fruit or vegetable should also be kept separate; you should cover cooked and ready to eat food; when defrosting raw meat to make sure that none of| |the liquid that comes out of onto other food. This will help to prevent harmful bacteria spreading from raw food to ready to eat food. Harmful bacteria from

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