Causes and Spread of Infection Essay

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Infection- This is an invasion by and multiplication of pathogenic, micro-organisms in a bodily part or tissue which could cause harm. Infections can be spread with ease, poor practice is the main reason for spread of infection. Examples of poor practices are not washing your hands regularly, hand washing should be done thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, followed by hand-drying with a paper towel. Another example of poor practice is not covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze. You should always get vaccinated and always use safe methods of cooking and preparing food. It is also vital to maintain good personal hygiene as not doing so can lead to the spread of infection, regularly change clothing and regularly wash body as well as you using fresh PPE for different tasks. There are 4 main types of infection and many ways in which they can enter the body. The four main types of infection: Bacteria - are small single-celled life forms that reproduce quickly and are capable of causing disease. Bacterial infections can usually be treated with anti-biotics however some types of bacteria can form a protective spore which can make them more resistant to heat and chemicals. The requirements for optimum growth are is a temperature of 37c, water, food, time, oxygen/ no oxygen. Common illnesses caused by bacteria are Salmonella, tuberculosis, MRSA, bronchitis, ear infections and tonsillitis. Virus-tend to be smaller than bacteria and in order for the cells to reproduce they need to be in a living host. The common way of treating a virus is through immunization as anti-biotics will not be effective against viral infections. The virus infection can cause things like the Influenza, common cold, stomach flu, pneumonia, blood born infections, ear infections and HIV/AIDS. Fungi- live in the air, water, soil and on plants and they can live in the

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