Childcare Duty of Care

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Task 1 links to learning outcome 1, assessment criteria 1.1 and 1.2. Write an explanation of: * what it means to have a duty of care in own work role * Duty of care is a legal obligation for an individual to adhere a standard of care to foresee any harm that my harm others * In my setting, we do a daily risk assessment inside and out to ensure the environment is safe to work in and children to learn in. My setting trains me for health and safety in food and hygiene to safe guard children from food poisoning, first aid training and equipment so I can attend to any incidents that may occur. I have to complete 2 accident forms one goes in file, sign by parent/carer to acknowledge that they have been informed, the other one goes to parent/carer to be informed of incident /accident. * Another accident form is filled out if a child arrives with an injury by parent/carer, or Practitioner if injury is found during session. i.e. A bite from an insect or a graze from a fall. * * how duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of individuals. * My duty of care can safeguard the children in my care. * This consist of * Risk assessment- carrying out a risk assessment will ensure the safety of children, this assessment should be done for the equipment that we use, the inside and outside of the building and any outings that may occur, this will minimize the risk of any injuries or harm that may occur. Risk assessments will also recognizes any potential hazards, i.e. plug socket having caps in them to stop children putting objects inside, making sure food is not out of date. * Policies and procedures- Having clear rules and boundaries ensures that both children (who are able to understand) and I know how to conduct ourselves with in the setting, this means by acting appropriately in ways, that do not harm ourselves and
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