Explain in Detail the Main Factors That Would Lead You to Suspect a Case of Child Maltreatment or Abuse.

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Explain in detail the main factors that would lead you to suspect a case of child maltreatment or abuse. Physical Abuse: Unexplained bruising, marks or injuries on any part of the body multiple bruises, often on the upper arm, outside of the thigh. If this was shown on a child consistently I would be very suspicious. Bruising should always generate suspicion in infants who are not yet mobile. The normal activities of daily life in an infant should not generate bruises. Cigarette burns, as these would have to be done deliberately and are less likely to be done by accident and it was happening repeatedly I would be very worried. Human bite marks. Again as these are a deliberate act on someone and it was happening frequently and the bites left deep marks I would certainly report it. Broken bones happening a lot, although children are clumsier and weak I would still be very wary if a child was coming in with broken bones on a regular basis, especially if they had other signs of physical abuse. Aggressive behaviour or severe temper outbursts, children can be naughty and angry but if they were getting like this over small things on a regular basis or they had a change in behaviour I would think someone wasn’t right. Emotional: If a young child was always sulking, hair twisting, rocking and not being comfortable or relaxed whilst in a particular setting I would worry that something was troubling them. It is know that people who are worried rock or use motions that calm them. Being unable to play, most young children are able to play weather its playing with dolls or playing mums and dads if a child was unable to do this or feel comfortable to do this I would question the reasons why. Fear of making mistakes or shouting at other children for making mistakes, its very normal for children to make mistakes and not actually realise, for a child to get cross or angry at
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