Children Should Not Be Spanked for Negative Behavior

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Children should not be spanked in order to discipline them for a negative behavior. Spanking can be seen as a way of disciplining and correcting children's negative attitudes, but does the worse. Spanking is a primitive way of forcing a child to stop his or her current behavior by hitting. Children spanking is strictly prohibited in several countries while a number of countries have prohibited hitting children in schools (Clabaugh). In United States, spanks by parents have caused lots of critical situations that calls for attention. Children spanking is not the best way to discipline a child as it has resulted in a situation where children are being violent. It has led to children being afraid of their parents and unable to disclose personal needs and challenges they encounter to them, which is not a connection of love between parents and children. Children spanking has also lowered their self-esteem and encourage them in doing worse things. For all these reasons, I fiercely support the topic that "Children should not be spanked in order to discipline them for a negative behavior". Preceding all others in spatial position, children spanking makes them to be violent. Violence is a thing we do to make others hurt. Rob Walters illustrated that children spanking could deliver the wrong message which parents don't want to be sent. I agree with his point of view as it could make children violent after being spanked. He illuminated that, "The short answer is no. When your child misbehaves or acts in ways that are defiant, inappropriate, or even dangerous, you want to show him that this behavior is unacceptable and needs to change. Spanking may seem like a direct and effective way to do that, but it also delivers other messages you don't want to be sent" (Walter). To be sincere, children portrait what their parents do. Hitting a child is sending an image to him

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