1. Explain How Different Types Of Interventions Can Promote Positive Outcomes From Children.

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Explain how different types of interventions can promote positive outcomes from children and young people where development is not following the expected pattern. If during the monitoring of a child’s development at any age, it is identified as having difficulties, then the child and family may need extra support to help the child reach its goals and achieve positive outcomes. Nottinghamcity.gov.uk "Early intervention can help children from pregnancy to 18 years, not only when they are very young" All the intervention programmes and professionals are there to help children and young people become more engaged and motivated, by helping them to communicate more effectively, to control behavioural issues, to control and strengthen physical movements,…show more content…
Lastly achieving economic well being covers continuing in further education, going into employment or training once left school, that the individual is ready for employment, has access to transport and material goods, doesn’t end up on low income. There are various types of interventions that could become involved with the child and family, and the intervention may involve multiple agencies that have to work together to support parents, carers and families so they can help children achieve the positive outcomes, improve their lives and fulfil their potential. There are many professionals that are involved with interventions; one is the SENCO this is the person within the school/preschool/nursery that has responsibility for co-ordinating the support for the young person and also to give advice to other members of staff. Speech and language therapists are another professional that will give support to children that have difficulty in communicating they can also give advice to other people working with the young
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